Your customer will go through a quick and simple application process with numerous qualified lenders that cover all different credit types until they are approved. Once approved, you will receive payment from the lender within 48 hours, with absolutely no risk or recourse to the business. The only consumer financing option your business will ever need is available through Capital Inc. We take all the hassle of dealing with consumer finance and servicing .


The number of consumers with bad credit has risen over the last decade. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t currently offer alternative financing options. By offering financing, you undoubtedly will have the upper hand over other businesses in your industry. Your customer doesn’t have to have perfect credit to qualify for a financing option. More often, approval is based on your customer’s ability to repay the loan, rather than their actual credit score. It’s time to grow your business.


Capital Inc. has partnered with specialty finance and alternative lenders to offer financing for all credit profiles, from good credit to no credit, for businesses that are looking to offer financing for the products they sell. Both broad and niche businesses can increase their bottom line by offering customers financing for their products and services. Capital Inc. gives you the opportunity to provide your customer the immediate opportunity to receive the products they need.

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